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Welcome to the Stress & Health Lab
at The Ohio State University!

Located at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, the Stress and Health Lab is a part of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (IBMR) and has been recruiting participants for various research opportunities since 1982.

Our current studies examine:

  • The effect high-fat meals have on the body's responses to marital stress and its relationship to obesity and/or heart disease
  • The effect high-fat meals have on inflammation and fatigue in breast cancer survivors
  • The ability of mind-body interventions such as yoga to modulate endocrine and immune responses in breast cancer survivors
  • The role that inflammation plays in combination with depression among cancer survivors who experience debilitating fatigue
  • The role that inflammation and fatigue have on total health in newly diagnosed breast and colon cancer patients

Please read more about our current studies by clicking on the "Research Studies" link.

We have multiple studies, each exploring a different aspect of how stress and fatigue affect the body. We will use our work to better understand how stress and depression affect health, and how we can intervene to combat stress.


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