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Press Releases

Breast Cancer:
- Study Shows Yoga Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors (read article)
- Yoga Can Lower Fatigue, Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors (read article)

- Omega-3 Reduces Anxiety and Inflammation in Healthy Students (read article)
Chronic Stress Can Steal Years From Caregivers' Lifetimes (read article)
- Yoga Reduces Cytokine Levels Known to Promote Inflammation
(read article)
- Stress, Anxiety Can Make Allergy Attacks Even More Miserable and Last Longer (read article)
- Yoga Studied As Health Benefit for Breast Cancer Survivors (read article)
- Aromatherapy May Make You Feel Good, But It Won't Make You Well (read article)
- Omega-3 Fatty Acids Affect Risk of Depression, Inflammation (read article)
- OSU Researchers Put Science Behind Belief in Yoga's Benefits (read article)
- Hypnosis May Prevent Weakened Immune Status, Improve Health, Study Shows (read article)
- New Hypothesis Proposed for Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (read article)
- Stress May Increase Susceptibility to Infectious Disease (read article)

Stress and Wound Healing:
- Stress Substantially Slows Human Body's Ability To Heal (read article)
- Psychological Stress Can Slow the Race of Wound Healing (read article)
- Researchres Learn How Stress Slows Wound Healing (read article)
- Stress Slows Healing of Dental Wounds by 40 Percent (read article)
- Exercise Helps Speed Wound Healing in Older Adults (read article)

Marital Stress:
- Stress Substantially Slows Human Body's Ability To Heal (read article)
- Marital Fighting Can Bring More Than Psychological Ills (read article)
- Study Shows Stress Plays Havoc With Hormones, Weakening Immunity (read article)
- Marital Arguments Lead to Weakened Immune Systems in Older Couples (read article)
- Effects of Arguments Linger Long After Fights End, Study Shows (read article)
- What's Love Got to Do With Health? Plenty, OSU Finds (read article)
- OSU Researchers Identify Predictors of Divorce (read article)

Stress and Aging (Including Caregiving Stress):
- Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold, Don't Be Stressed (read article)
- Stress Can Lessen Influenza Vaccine's Effectiveness (read article)
- Stress Levels Can Affect Success of Pneumonia Vaccinations (read article)
- Former Caregivers Still Show Psychological Ill's Years After Caregiving Ends (read article)
- Avoiding Pessimism May Be More Important Than Being Optimistic (read article)
- Mechanism Found that Weakens Caregivers' Immune Status (read article)
- Mild Depression Breeds Prolonged Inflammation in Caregivers (read article)
- Exercise Helps Speed Wound Healing in Older Adults (read article)