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The Gut Feelings Study for Couples 40 and over

The Microbiome in Breast Cancer Survivors

The IMPACT Study

The HEART Study




Welcome to the Stress & Health Lab
at The Ohio State University!

Located at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, the Stress and Health Lab is a part of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (IBMR) and has been recruiting participants for various research opportunities since 1982.

Our current studies examine:

  • The gut microbiome, inflammation, mood and longevity markers in couples
  • The similarity of the microbiota within couples, and the effects of marital stress and depression on inflammation and the diversity of the gut microbiota
  • How one’s physical fitness, mood, and stress can affect the immune response to infection
  • The ability of chemotherapy and depression to alter triglyceride responses following meals in ways that would promote atherosclerosis
  • How inflammation affects behavioral symptoms, including pain sensitivity, mood, social behavior, and cognitive problems
  • The ways that one’s daily diet can affect mood and immune function
  • The effect of high-fat meals on the body's responses to stress, and vice versa
  • The ways that inflammation and fatigue affect health over time in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
  • How stress may alter metabolic rate in ways that would lead to weight gain
  • Identifying factors that protect breast cancer survivors against elevated inflammation, adverse meal responses, and heart disease risk
  • The breast cancer survivorship spectrum, including women’s health shortly following diagnosis to years after cancer treatment

Please read more about our current studies by clicking on the "Research Studies" link. We have multiple studies, each exploring stress and health in breast cancer survivors.

For over 25 years, the Stress and Health Lab has been a lead contributor to understanding the pathways by which chronic illness, relationships, and stress affect people’s immune function and health. In collaboration with our multidisciplinary team, we focus on identifying the links among immune function, behavior, and overall health. We will use our work to better understand how stress and diet affect health, and how we can intervene to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


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